Hi if anyone else uses Fishtext can they see if they can log in to it. I have been trying for over 1 hour and its not having my password . There is a option to have your password emailed to you but that doesnt work either for me .
    Thanks very much.


    Send me your password, along with your bank details & I'll check for you.....

    are you trying to send texts?

    There is a free website which you can use for that, i use it quite often, never had any spam texts on my phone.


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    There was a fault with FishText service earlier today that resulted in a loss of service for some customers: this issue has now been resolved.

    Please accept our sincere apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused.
    ChrisUK I only send my bank details to Nigerians !
    cathglend Fishtext is owned by the same company and i used to have a vip account with them but texts were 5p for international where as fishtext it cost me 1p to text India and 2p to text Uk.
    Thansk guys.Rep given


    ChrisUK I only send my bank details to Nigerians !

    Is it cos I is White ?

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    ChrisUK Ha ha i dont mind white its the boy bit that usually comes after it .
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