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Posted 3rd Feb
Been quite poorly and put on a lot of weight. Thinking a fitness strap will motivate me? Where do I start? Are the cheap ones okay? Go pricier with a fit bit? No idea where to start. Thanks xx
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Can’t comment on any of the cheaper ones but when I got an Apple Watch it definitely helped with motivation on doing more exercise during the day. Ended up losing about 4 stone over the past 6 months or so. Only problem is price with the Apple watches.
It’s good you’re making the first steps for change. Best of luck!
The honor bands are brilliant and I couldn't recommend them enough, I've got the band 3 and the missus has the band 4, both have a good 2 weeks life despite being used continuously, should get each for less than £20, I would just double check that you might want a waterproof one if your into swimming! And my honor band at a 3rd of the price of a fit bit is 10x better, the fit it I had was crap and forever losing connection
Fitbit Inspire HR owner here. First fitness tracker and love it. Not a fitness freak. Just want something to show me basic stats and motivate me to get fit. Keep an eye on Amazon. Got mine from there. Great reviews. Love the sleep tracker.
I got a second hand fit bit charge 2 hr off eBay for £40. The screen is big enough and it was pretty accurate. Link to phone with the app and it shows everything. Even texts come through to the watch scrolling along the screen. It reminds you to get up and move if you’ve not done 250 steps in an hour. Not sure of your budget but I’m pretty rubbish at this tech stuff but this is brilliant. Didn’t want to waste my money on the cheaper ones (based on my budget) after reading hit and miss reviews. Hope this helps cx
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I have tomtom runner which is great for me but I would, if I had to buy again, a miband 4. My son has one and for the price it is brilliant, over a week battery even with an youngster using it. Cheap as chips!
get a mi band 4, they are as cheap as chips and works perfectly well.
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