fitbit exchange how? (prepaid creditcard)

Found 22nd Aug 2017
I have a Fitbit Charge 2. It's slightly faulty (it burns my skin) and Fitbit agreed to exchange it. Here's the problem:
They want me to send the unit to them. After receiving it I receive a prepaid creditcard.
That would mean weeks without a unit unless I buy a new one now. But then I still have this creditcard, and as I don't do a lot of online shopping I'm uncertain what to use it for.

Any idea how to solve this, and maybe even coming out with a little cash advantage?
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Tell them you are not sending it back untill you get the replacement as you can't be without it, make sure you dont back down and eventually they will agree to send it out without having the old one back.
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You can use the prepaid card anywhere that accepts credit/debit cards, so you can pretty much treat that as cash if you don't shop online.

You also don't need to spend it all at once, but you can't spend more than what is on the card. Say you have £100 on the card, and your shopping totals £109, you will either need to tell the cashier you would like to pay £9 in cash/debit/credit card first then pay the remaining £100 off your prepaid card, or pay £100 off the card first. Otherwise it will decline if trying to pay £109 straight off it.
I really don't understand the issue? I think you're either making it complicated or being difficult. As stated above a prepaid card is exactly the same as cash.

So, a very simple approach would be go and buy a new FitBit. Send your old one back, get the prepaid card - spend as cash.

A very simple solution to your dilemma. You're welcome.
Cheers guys, so I guess I was making it unneccessarily complicated. Then I'll buy a new fitbit as soon as I see the right deal and send this one back. Might even end up a few quid richer in the end, depending on how much money fitbit will send me. Great.
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