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Found 12th Jun
hey all anybody know anything about these. just got one to replace my Apple watch and it's claiming I've burned off 3000 calories since this morning. I don't think this can be right seems way higher than my old watch. steps seem slightly higher too but not that much. anyone know if I've set it up wrong or have missed something?
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It could be the same problem you get with mobile phones, it could be the hardware.

One of the most popular forms of apps are those that use your phone's hardware to take a physical body measure, similar to your activity trackers. However, the quality of the hardware on different phones varies widely, which can result in the readings being inaccurate. It appears it may be the same with both of your activity trackers. It could be the reason why you're getting different readings, maybe.
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Hi - what’s your verdict on the ionic? My charge 2 has developed a fault and I’m looking to replace it with an ionic. Thanks
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