Fitflops/skechers shape ups-do these actually work?

Found 23rd Apr 2010
Or is it all a mega con? Some of the ladies at mrs barkys gym think they are the greatest thing since sliced bread. Mrs barky is a fitness fanatic-running/gym etc,and is considering getting these because they supposedly give you a workout "with every step you take".

Is this all marketing hype? the shape up shoes are about 90 quid a pair and the fitflops about 40-45.so not cheap!
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I had a pair of Fitflops last year and loved them, I reckon they must work a bit cause when I first started wearing them my legs really ached! and they were the comfiest flip flops I've ever worn. I knackered mine last year in the garden so I'm now looking for a good deal on some for this year.
Can't comment on the shape up ones, I did try some mbt ones in John Lewis and if money was no problem then I'd def try them
The fitflops look good. I wear my Birkenstock in everything bar snow, and sometimes even then!
I think I will get a pair of these....Thanks for the heads up :thumbsup:
I don't really know if they do actually give you a workout, but I do know they are the most comfortable shoes I have ever had. Wore them non-stop on holiday in Thailand...and never had sore feet at all (something of a record for me) Cloggs seem to be the cheapest.....with quidco too!
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