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Posted 11th Jan 2021
Today I've decided to see if I can help some of you with fitness goals and working out what you might need or not need, when trying to up or maintain fitness levels. This will be basic level things, with the aim of offering some ideas as well as hopefully answering some questions.

A disclaimer from myself: I'm not qualified in any fitness/health profession to provide diet advice or anything like that! Everything here is basic information, that I've picked up for myself along the way / found via my own research.

There are a lot of you that really know your stuff, so hopefully you'll be happy to help point folks in the right direction!

You may find this useful before you begin:

A useful tool to give you a very rough idea of calories burned each day, can be found HERE

TDEE is "Total Daily Energy Expenditure" and to lose weight you essentially want to be in a calorie deficit. Where as to pop weight on you'll want an excess. As I say though, it's a rough guide to help you meet your targets - You're always better talking to a professional if you want a more accurate number.

Fitness trackers can be confusing if you're not over familiar with them. Some are basic and will check things like steps and distance covered, as well as offer links to your phone via Bluetooth, for notifications and to use the phones GPS system for logging your route. Some budget friendly models even have heart rate monitors and sleep track functions in nowadays, which is great!

Others are much more well equipped, such as the Fitbit Sense. These work with either Android or iOS, have a GPS built in, A voice assistant, Pay for goods contactless via Fitbit Pay, music control and storage, as well as sleep and swim tracking (Some budget models offer sleep tracking too)

These are just some of the features of a higher end fitness tracker, but they all differ, so make sure you know what you want, check reviews and of course pricing, before taking the plunge.

If you want to see the current fitness tracker deals posted on hotukdeals, you can do so HERE

I've hit upon this subject before in a basic form, to try and offer some helpful information for those that think they need to supplement their diet. This may be for weight loss, weight gain or even just to keep on top of health in general.

I'll copy in a couple of useful sections, but if you want to read the full post, then you can do so HERE

Here's the snippet:

Do we NEED supplements?
In short, for most people, no. The word 'supplement' just means to add to something. Take whey protein for instance, there's a misconception that in order to build muscle or lose body fat we have to use a protein powder to achieve our goals.

Protein is very useful for recovery after exercise, as well as for giving us that fuller for longer feeling. It doesn't have to come from a supplement at all though. If you can get enough protein in your diet to reach your targets, then there's no need to have extra.

A whey protein powder is perhaps one of the most convenient ways to add to your protein intake. It's quick, easy and can also be incorporated into cooking should you fancy it. In short, if you can't hit your Macro targets, then supplements could help you

What are Macros?
Protein, carbohydrates and fats are all macronutrients. These are what most would look at when choosing foods when looking to hit goals. If you've worked out what you need and you're hitting those numbers easily via food, then supplementing may not be for you. - Helpful Link > My Fitness Pal - Essential Guide to Macros

How much protein should I consume?
This will vary for all of us due to varying weights, heights etc... A rule of thumb for muscle building is said to be around 2g per 1KG of body weight. It's not a one size fits all number, but gives you a rough idea.

There are loads of apps out there that can be helpful in tracking and reaching your goals. I'm only going to talk about a couple, here as there are so many. If you're reading this and want to drop in any recommendations in the comments... Do it! There will likely be some hidden gems in there.

If you have your eye on a specific app, perhaps a friend recommended it and you want to give it a shot... Make sure you check compatibility between the app and the device you want it to work with.


My Fitness Pal is probably my favourite free app and what is nice, is that it works with a huge amount of devices. As it is free, there are adverts / in app purchases.

I do think this one is pretty much an essential for starting out, although there are others out there... I really like it.

If you want to do give it a go, here's are the links


As per it's title this one is aimed at runners, cyclists and swimmers, with relevant tracking systems for those activities. You can use a good amount of it for free, although again here, there are paid elements, which may be worth looking into once you've tried it out.

It's one we see mentioned on site fairly often!

This one is looks great for giving you some ideas and a guide on various exercises. It gets really good reviews and is currently free for the version with no ads (Nice!) That said there are elements that will cost money to unlock.

It's probably worth a look for a lot of people that don't have any gym equipment at home.

Home Workouts Gym Pro (No ads) - Android

Awesome news! Grab the PureGym app and get free access to over 400 workouts. It's only free for a limited time, so make the most of it. Thanks to reindeer333 for sharing this one.

Puregym Android App

Puregym iOs App

Okay, I have to start with the Moby thing, I can't just pop that in a title and not instantly address it, can I?

Yep, that's right... Moby as in the well known singer / songwriter.
There's a song called "Flowers" that was released way back in 2000
The song lyrics make it perfect for challenges, such as sit-ups, leg raises, squats, the plank and pretty much anything repetition based.

Just exercise to the lyrics!:

"Green Sally up and green Sally down
Lift and squat, gotta tear the ground
Green Sally up and green Sally down

Old Miss Lucy's dead and gone
Left me here to weep and moan"

The whole song pretty catchy, although repetitive... But that's why it works well

The official track is below - Have a listen and see what you think:

You will also see loads of people that have made videos (Using this track) They could be more beneficial, because you can do it alone with them, instead of seeing an image of Moby jumping over his garden fence

A good example of it being performed with push-ups

YouTube is rammed with loads of videos that can help you improve your fitness levels. There are even some spin cycling ones, so you can cycle away and follow an instructor that way.

It's great for figuring out various moves, such as stretches or the proper form for a specific lift. Books are great, but a video can be much easier to follow.

Joe Wickes has done a cracking job with with keeping the nation fit, during lockdown. Right now Children can do PE with him via the body coach YouTube channel. All the info can be found HERE - Thanks deal_bot!

"Starting Monday January 11 at 9am on my YouTube channel. I am committing to three live sessions per week: Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9am(UK time)."

It's tough if you're used to exercising with someone you're currently not able to see. So make the most of the tech we have. Maybe set up a video call via something like Zoom and exercise together that way. Most of us have cameras on our phones and will be familiar with Facebook Video Calls and Facetime type applications.

It's not the same as being there in person, but the bit of company will likely do a lot for the both of you. Swapping notes and talking about what you're doing should give you a little boost and give you something else to look forward to if you're stuck at home right now.

If you want to find deals for fitness related stuff, like clothing, equipment, supplements and all that good stuff, here are the links to each group. As most of you will know, these will update automatically with the latest offers at the top.

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