Fitness and six pack!

    hi i am 16 years,old and would really like sone advice. firsly i am a vege so i dont eat a lot of protein so do you recomened protein powder? however i dont know if i should use protein powder as this is my dqily excercise routine:
    30 press ups
    30 pull,ups
    40 sit up
    20 crunchrs,and
    20 tricep dips.

    i would really like a nice solid six pack and lean muscle.

    evenmore i would like an excercise routine of,about 15,minutes,a,day or 30 minutes every other day which will achieve my goals. any websites would be useful. lastly should i do weights?

    thanl you sorry about the spelling and grammer om on my phone lol.


    40sit ups/20 crunchrs

    I have no idea about supplements, but if you want a six pack you need to train the right muscles. Hence more crunches/situps.

    Please be very careful if you are seriously thinking about weights.

    You are still growing and it is all too easy to end up with a back injury that could give you problems for life!

    Professional advice is the way to go:thumbsup:

    only excercise 3-4 times per week and no more. do about 3 different ab exercises per day, about 20 each spread out to see some real results. If you want to see real results on the rest of your body, you need to do proper weights by going to the gym or buying your own, press ups and chin ups do not do alot imo, unless you really push yourself.

    I seem to remember myself starting at your ago, if i were you i wouldn't take protein powder at 16, just eat plenty of eggs, or any alternatives with high protein

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    thabks for the quick reply does anyone know a specia'ist who will give me some free advice? thanks


    thabks for the quick reply does anyone know a specia'ist who will give me … thabks for the quick reply does anyone know a specia'ist who will give me some free advice? thanks

    NUS should be able to hook you up with a free/reduced cost gym membership.

    Ohh sweetheart, your body is still growing.
    At 16, you should be enjoying yourself.
    Go out and enjoy what you do. (i am 57, too old for what kids do), so my kid's tell me.
    Enjoy your teens, then if you want to bulk up in your 20's, there is loads of help available.

    Forget about it. Just eat and drink what you please. Drink plenty of beer and let your body sort itself out.

    A six pack is so yesterday anyhow. I followed the simple rules above and I turn 40 next year and i am fine. I have a lovely one pack which is rock hard after a big curry and I am as fit as a fiddle as long as I remember to take my simvastatin for my high cholesterol:w00t:


    Also 16 :thumbsup:

    I couldn't give a sh..... about a six pack, no one particularly finds it that attractive anyway, in fact most people look at it as a sign of arrogance. Do boxing, never know when it might come in handy, apart from that drink and eat as I like, still as slim as ever, and because i'm 16 I don't need to care !
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