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Found 31st Mar
Heya peeps
really need help on this.
I'm after a fitness watch that has the usual stuff etc but specifically a heart rate monitor feature that records my heart in a graph form that constantly monitors it.
does such a SmartWatch exist?
Can you link them please

The reason being is I'd like to collect data on what my heart is doing throughout the day and when I'm asleep.

Thanks in advance
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I’ve had a couple of these but I found that the Fitbit charge 2 was good for what I wanted. My daughter bought me it for Father’s Day last year and I hardly ever take it off except for showering and the like. It constantly tracks your heart rate and sleep patterns. I bought my daughter a Fitbit Alta HR for her birthday ( the HR bit stands for heart rate) and she never takes hers off. The Alta HR is just a smaller version of the Charge 2 probably for a smaller wrist I think. Be careful though as there is an Alta without the HR. Hope that helps in some way.
So does it create a chart of the heart beats?
33556941-BoDJA.jpgThis is my chart from February. I have a very low heart rate. Perfectly fine the doctor said. This pic is from the Fitbit phone app.
On the Fitbit itself it shows your continuous heart rate and resting heart rate among other things.
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