Fitness tracker/ watch for 24/7 heart rate monitoring with data transfer

Found 12th Jul
Looking to get a device to obtain a daily record of my heart rate. Don't mind it being inaccurate by a beat or two, or five. Don't want a device being say 10 or more bpm out from the actual amount. Ideally would like to be able to transfer the HR data to a computer to keep a copy of the data and compare day to day and week to week records etc.

I have been considering the amazefit bip but some comments in older threads state it is poor at giving an accurate heart rate figure. I am unsure if it was an issue which may have been fixed via a firmware update or if it is just has poor heart rate monitoring hardware in the device. I have read a review that it estimates the bpm at times. Do all types of these devices do this? I have also read professional reviews which state it has accurate heart rate monitoring. Maybe the estimation occurs when the band gets moved so the sensor is no longer in the right place?

What device(s) are worth considering?

Not wanting to pay a vast amount for a device if I can help it. Especially when it may have feature which I may not use. Not bothered by a brand; just what something which will be well built, reliable and hopefully long lasting. As well as meets my needs!

I have seen the Huawei A2 Honor was on a good deal recently but missed it. I think there is also a Band 3 and also the Elephone ELE Band 5 seems to get reasonable reviews. Xiaomi Band 3 and Amazfit Bip seem to pop up a lot in deals recently.

Thanks for your help.
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