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Found 16th Jan
hey looking for recommendations in free fitness/workout apps I can access on android.
Looking for something that has some sort of programme like day 1 day 2, week 1 week 2 etc but as long as it's has sort of ore set work outs then its fine. Needing one with minimal equipment as I will be doing this at home with no access to a g so not looking for something that tells me to do benchlifts or whatever

I have a fitbit not sure if they have access to free workouts?
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I've got 7 minute workout. Its amazing
myfitness pal, pay 4quid its totally worth it
Just go on Youtube and look at the home video workouts.
I really like the Nike fitness app, it's got a huge amount of workouts ranging from a few minutes to an hour plus.
You can do individual work outs or you can do one of the plans, it let's you substitute in work outs on the plans and add extra too. Really good app and it's free.
RiverDragon82 h, 15 m ago

Just go on Youtube and look at the home video workouts.

Agreed. Billy Blanks is ex military and is pretty good.

Would be interested in any other recommendations for workouts on YouTube?
tat.shpek3 h, 39 m ago

I've got 7 minute workout. Its amazing

Downloaded it but looks like there's only one workout actually available on the free programme, all the others are locked and want me to pay a subscription. Is that correct?
Definitely recommend hasfit
They have app or web page different programs for different levels of fitnes all workouts are on youtube as well…me/
Just search YouTube. Search a workout length that you want. An example is 30 minute body weight home workout or 20 minute HIIT(high intensity interval training) home workout.
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