Fitting a car radio

    Iv just bought a Peugeot 308 however this does not have an aux or USB input, so I'm looking at buying an ex display model from Halfords and attempting to fit it myself, as Halfords charge £30. Is this advisable?


    Yes if you know what you're doing, but I guess you're not. Is there any YouTube tutorials?

    mmm are u good at diy? can be a pain in the **** other wise? and £30 won't sound that bad?

    you will probably need a Harness and an aerial extension depending on age of car. It will also cost more if you have the steering column volume controls as my son has just paid to have one fitted and wanted extra to fit the extra part required.

    u will probably need a fascia as well which is often the expensive bit. if you haven't done it before pay the 30£ lol

    on a side note if you all you want is USB and aux then you actually often add this without changing the stereo- look at connects2 (google it) and then you can get that fitted for like 10£ probably so you retain the original stereo

    I've done it lots of times I'm not an electronic engineering professional but no problems

    get a FM transmitter. I use these quite a lot as I drive a few different vehicles.

    most new(ish) cars require a single/drouble conversion kit including facia, iso lead and steering controls. Usually a lot more to it thn just buying a head unit from Halfords and expecting it to fit. Would advise some research first.

    As said you would need one of These.
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