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Found 16th Oct 2010
Hey guys, passsed my driving test this morning with 1 minor! Thank god,

Anyway, got a stereo from halfords although thinking of taking it back as found it cheaper online! Anyone heard of Is it good ?

I also want to fit it myself with help from my step Dad. is it actually worth getting a proffesional in? Bearing in mind i have a 52 reg clio which i hear is very easy to fit. thanks
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Congrats. Pretty sure you could fit it yourself
yeah everyone says its easy for a 52 reg clio, wonder if theres step by step guide somewhere
congrats on passing the test, don't go losing your license due to racing like a loon or blaring your music out too loud. You're still in a probation period.

As for the stereo fitting try looking for a video on youtube, that way you get some visual instructions. The only main tool you really need will be the pins to slot in the holes, you can either buy them from Halfords or make them out of a wire coat hanger.
congrates for passing your test. Im sure halford do a wiring loom for each radio you can buy and just plug your stereo into the plug in car. if not bear in mind that there was a deal on here the other day for the dvd flip out player ripspeed i think refurbed 99 quid including fitting in store.
cheers guys - don't worry , im no 'youth', theres no way im losing my license now i have it!

Yeah may use a youtube video! thanks.
Fitting a car stereo is no biggy to be honest, but saying that, Is it worth taking the stereo back to halfords? If it's mega cheaper then yes, but if not, I would go in and say you found it cheaper and ask if they will do you a deal on the fitting?? Why get your hands dirty if you don't have to??
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