Fitting a new basin plug and chain

Found 5th Apr 2016
I have purchased a new basin plug and chain as the chain on my old sink broke ages ago. I have purchased this one from Screwfix -…602. A bit of a silly question but there is a nut on it - does this have to be fixed behind the hole where the thread/screw bit goes in - surely, you would have to remove the sink from the wall to fix the nut? My current sink, where the new thread/screw bit goes in, just has a flat piece filling the hole and no chain - would this piece unscrew or do you have to pull it out with pliers? Any advice appreciated. Thank you.
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You should have got a pop-up plug, it screws in and then all you do is push it to close then push-pop to open. No annoying chains or plugs to worry about, and it looks neater too.
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