Fitting a second drive to a laptop - avoiding pitfalls?

Posted 2nd Dec 2016
Just had the mother of all nightmares after I foolishly disclosed I had fitted a second drive to a small 32GB laptop I bought from John Lewis ("Never knowingly good customer service" it seems) that needed escalating to and past the Operations Director to arrange a return when it was faulty out of the box. Oo

The laptop fits the needs very well of the friend I was helping with this except for the capacity (and the reliability of this one!), so wanting to try again from somewhere else, or find one very

- Any manufacturer who explicitly support customer access of their laptop drive expansion bays?

- Any shops who understand this feature and recognise it does not cause a fault nor should it invalidate right to return either under warranty or, as in this case, actually the Consumer Rights Act.

The one I bought was an Asus E402SA(/MA) and it fits well. I know about the Medion equivalent, but slower, not exactly a stellar brand for reliability or warranty support anecdotally. sub 1080p screen not a deal breaker.
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