Fitting a subwoofer and amp into a Renault Clio

Posted 21st Oct 2008
I want to fit a sub (with its own amp) into my renault clio, but I want to use my existing headunit to keep my conole looking uniform.
I am having trouble however, as the headunit does not appear to have rca outs which are apparently needed for the sub.
I will put a pinout in the next post.
I am not opposed to soldering in wires / converters.

Please can someone help me figure out how to do this.
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Block A Power connector

1 Speed Dependent Volume Control
2 n/c
3 Phone mute (ground to activate)
4 +12V (constant)
5 + Aerial (12V when radio on)
6 + Lights (12V when lights on)
7 +ACC (12V when ACC on)

Block B Speaker connector
1 + Rear Right
2 - Rear Right
3 + Front Right
4 - Front Right
5 + Front Left
6 - Front Left
7 +Rear Left
8 - Rear Left

C1 CCU(*) connector
4 n/c
5 Radio ON

(**) AUX connector (**)
7 n/c
8 n/c
9 n/c
10 Audio Left
11 Audio Right
12 Audio GND

C3 CD Changer connector
13 Tx (from HU to CDC or PC)
14 Rx (from PC or CDC to HU)
15 GND
16 12V (constant)
17 HU ON (12V when HU is ON)
18 SPDIF IN (***)
19 SPDIF GND (***)
20 (SPDIF GND) (***)
ideally you'd need an amp with high level inputs as well as std. low level (rca) inputs and then just run the wires going to you rear speakers to the Amp. You can leave the rear speakers connected as well.
But to be honest if you want sound quality you'd be better off getting a decent head unit and using rca leads. IMHO
As above or consider a high level to RCA "converter" if you are sure about keeping the original stereo. Like so:

You might have to replace some of that with search dot ebay

Would this do?

(It is item 260299597452)

And, would I just connect it to the rear outputs?
get a new headunit mate they are pretty cheap these days.

get a new headunit mate they are pretty cheap these days.

Naaah mate I like the look of a stock headunit (it looks more uniform and flush) and also, I already soldered in a connector for mp3/ipod. So it does me fine at the moment.:thumbsup:

I know a new HU may be better but I prefer the look of a stock, original one to go with the rest of the car.

:roll:Also less likely to be stolen as it uses a heads up display instead of having a display on the actual HU :thumbsup:

http://********* this do?(It is item 260299597452)And, would I just connect it to the rear outputs?

That'll do it, it's just a line matching transformer:thumbsup:
i can help with this one.,......presuming its not a V6 clio...

SELL IT and buy a real car !...
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