Fitting a wired doorbell advice needed

Found 23rd Sep 2017
i want to fit a wired doorbell I have seen a kit which has a transformer, chime and ring button. in my porch I have spot lights i know which light has the main live feeding into it. can I cut this live and split the feed one going to my transformer and the other back to the first spotlight as the first spotlight has the switch wires wired to it. hope you guys understand what I mean. thanks
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NO, absolutely not, you cannot and should not feed electrical devices from any lighting wiring, do it properly or if your not sure get a Qualified Electrician in.
Just put eneloop batteries in as they will last for years unless you have a lit doorbell.
Best to run the transformer from the main consumer unit. The lighting circuit shouldn't have an issue with load as some light fitting run 300w+ with there crazy amount of halogen bulbs, also you have ceiling and extractor fans aswell as some bathroom heaters and shaver adapters.
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