Fitting Siemens Wireless Room Stat to Vaillant Ecotec 831

Found 24th Feb 2015

I'm wondering if anyone can help me to wire up a Siemens RCR10/433 receiver to a Vailliant Ecotec 831. I have recently moved in to a new place and have just noticed that the wires from the receiver are not connected to the boiler. I just need to figure out how to wire the to together.

If there is any boiler experts out there your help would be greatly appreciated.

These are the wiring diagrams if it helps.



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You should be able to find pdf installation instructions online if you search the model numbers.
The reciever will need a live and neutral taken from the boiler main supply live and neutral, then the common and call for heat will be taken from the room thermostat 3 - common, 4 call for heat (switch live).

That means 3 from boiler to lx, then 4 from boiler to l1.
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Switch off the boiler at the mains
You need to supply the receiver with 240V from either terminal block x12 or from the L, N, E mains supply to L & N on your receiver, this will power the receiver, remove link across t3 & t4 then connect a core from terminal 3 on boiler to Lx on receiver, then another core from L1 on receiver back to terminal 4 on boiler. Done
themorgatron is correct. follow that procedure.
Thank you all for your help.
Just to make sure I've got it right (boiler first)
L to L
N to N
3 to LX
4 to L1
Also do I need to earth the receiver, from the boiler, I see the earth terminal but I don't see anywhere for the earth to go on the receiver except for the empty terminal between the Live and Neutral?

Thanks again, just a bit cautious. I don't want to destroy the boiler!!

You do not need to earth the receiver, don't take an earth from the boiler. I would also advice getting a decent volt pen to check it's dead when the power is off (not 100% accurate but easy to use and gives piece of mind).
Ok,will do.

Thanks for your help themorgatron.


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