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Fixed fee or classified?

Posted 30th Apr 2013
Selling a car on Ebay, anyone know what the difference between a fixed fee ad and a classified ad is?
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Classified Ad

How it works
Advertise on eBay just as you'd use a traditional classified ad. You state a price, the buyer contacts you, and you handle the transaction personally.
You can create a Classified Ad in the following categories: eBay Motors, Property, Cars, Motorcycles & Vehicles, Vehicle Parts & Accessories and Business, Office and Industrial

Classified Ads run for 28 days with the option of listing Good 'Til Cancelled. Good 'Til Cancelled listings renew automatically every 28 days unless all of the items sell, you end the listing, or the listing breaches an eBay policy.

Classified Ads within the Property and Cars, Parts & Vehicles and Business, Office and Industrial categories will incur fees after the 28-day period should you wish to keep your ad on the site. See the fees for Classified Ad format.
Basic fees

When you list an item, service, or property on eBay using Classified Ad format, you're charged an insertion fee according to the following table. You will not be charged a final value fee for this type of format. See the list of categories and subcategories for which you can use the Classified Ad format listing type. If you are a vehicle dealer, you can also make use of the eBay Motors Pro service to create your Classified Ads.

Classified Ad format listing type
Insertion fee
28-day listing
Cars, Motorcycles & Vehicles
28-day listing

Business, Office & Industrial
28-day listing
Holidays & Travel
(Accommodation subcategory only)
28-day listing
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Basic Fees

You pay only an insertion fee to list a vehicle on eBay Motors. If the item sells, you are also charged a final value fee. There is no additional fee charged after the listing has ended. eBay Motors vehicle listings are those within the Cars, Commercial Vehicles, Motorcycles & Scooters, Caravans and Classic Cars categories.

Insertion Fee
Single Item Listing
Multiple Item Listing
Buy it now only

£10.00 multiplied by the number of Vehicles listed.
Classified Ad

Final Value Fee
Final Selling Price
Final Value Fee
£0.01 - £1,999.99
£2,000.00 - £3,499.99
£3,500.00 and above
Classified Ad
No Final Value Fee applies
Any idea what are the pros/cons of a classified ad over a fixed price, apart from the cost?
I would imagine a classified ad would be better,someone actually coming to view the vehicle then paying for it after they have looked at it etc,the same as in the Auto Trader for example.
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