Fixing a Power Connection on a Speaker

Posted 18th Nov
Hi, I have these -…8-2

The connection on the back of the speaker where you plug them in, is a 'switching power supply'. It's become faulty and you have to 'wiggle' the plug at the back of the speaker to get it to work.

Bought a replacement as I really liked them and tried the power adapter on the old ones and it's the same issue, so definitely the speaker itself.

Is there an easy fix, or should I just bin them?

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Any good at soldering, the solder joint on the power connector is probably cracked as it's often the only thing supporting the connector.
Otherwise, don't know how much postage would be, I'd be happy to do the soldering (with the proper leaded good stuff, can't beat a bit of 60/40, it does the job much better than the unleaded stuff that send far more electronics to landfill)
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As matth says, most likely a cracked solder joint on the socket, open the case up and have a look. If you can't solder already, then its a good opportunity to start. There are plenty of videos on how to solder on youtube.

Cpc sell cheap soldering irons and solder etc I'd suggest around 25 watt.

You may also want a set of tools to help open cases, something like these:-…247
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