fixing a psp 1000

Found 24th Jul
Hi, I have an old psp 1000 which no long comes on the green light flashes for a few seconds before going off, and the screen remains blank with no sound,

when plugged in the light goes orange,any ideas how I could attempt a repair?

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Sounds like it’s bricked. You’ll need a pandora battery and a memory card with some files on it.

I don’t remember the exact process because the last time I messed about with PSP’s was about 10 years ago.
thank's i have been looking for a pandora but cannot seem to find any, I will keep looking and see if I can fix this thing :-)
Looks like you were messing around with custom firmware.

Had good times with PSP
Im actually in the market for a PSP (not for myself), such good handheld consoles, some great games on there
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Just had a quick google search and appears you can unbrick without pandora and just through software.

If you do need a pandora battery I’m sure I made my own but don’t remember the exact details.
They used to sell them as a tool battery. Surprised it bricked as they had a lot of recovery firmware for the PSP.
Just re-read, don't bother with the original fat as the PSP 2000 is a lot better. There used to be problem with a lot of apps requiring the original PSP firmware but advances it custom firmware moved beyond it in the end.
I bought it cheap as it was meant to have a faulty screen, I don't think it's the screen as there is no tone etc, and it does seem bricked by what it's doing, worth a shot if I can get it going again!
Have you tried leaving it charging
jco837 h, 59 m ago

Have you tried leaving it charging


Seems to me you haven't left it charging long enough or you need a new battery
Yeh it's been on overnight and also tried a new battery without success
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