fixing an xbox 360 play and charge kit

Found 11th Aug 2010
is it possible for me to fix my xbox 360 play and charge kit. I think the battery packs are working but the cable isn't. The light doesn't even turn on. any way to fix this?
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If you take the end off the play and charge kit you could test continuity from the usb end to the other to cancel out the cable? If you can find a pinout
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simpler terms?
take the end off?
it would break!!!!!
its possible but unless you have a reasonable understanding of electronics then your going to find it very difficult. if you bought it within the last year the retailer you bought it off should probably replace/fix it if you havent done anything to break it.

if its a couple of years old, you can get a new one from tesco for about 8 quid.…spx
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