Fixing curtain rail hole

Found 11th Jan 2011
First of all you'll have to excuse my dumbness, I'm not overly familiar when it comes to DIY.

The other night I noticed our curtail rail was on a slant and upon taking a closer look, the whole right side has come away from the wall leaving a big hole.

What would be the best way of fixing this but ensuring I can still put my curtain rail back up (looks like it needs to go in to red wall plugs). The landlord has said to polyfiller it but I'm not sure this would be strong enough to leave the rail hanging at the end.
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Should be ok with polyfiller. scrape out any loose plaster that is there and then fill it in.
(If you don't own a drill then shove a rawl plug in while the polyfiller is still wet.)
As above. Use a little oil based paint in with the filler and it will set like rock.
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Another good tip if lacking in rawl plugs/filler combo is packing the hole with spent matches or at least with the head removed, you can screw into this direct and as you screw the matches are forced outwards giving a very good hold.
Curtain poles take quite a bit of punishment so personally I would use a quality filler like tetrion rather than any cheap filler or matchsticks. It will only cost a few quid anyway. A tough filler will then be able to take a rawplug and screw with ease and probably last longer than your tenancy.

As an aside, if I was your landlord and you did a nice job and gave me a receipt for the filler then I would happily reimburse you.
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