Fixing wooden strip of wood (quadrant shape) to wall

Posted 24th Jan 2016
I've been putting up some thermal sound proof paper on one bedroom wall. The edge where it meets the window frame is 'raw', so I've bought a long, thin strip of pine wood (quadrant shape), size 6 mm x 6 mm x 2000 mm - so that it hides the raw edge. One size of the quadrant needs to be stuck to the wooden frame on the window and the other side straight to the plastered wall - can somebody tell me what sort of glue (?) I should use to stick this to the wall please? Just wondering if the extra strong glue that was bought especially to stick the thermal paper to the wall, would be ok to use?

Also, I was going to fill the small gaps in the corner of the room where the thicker sound proof paper meets up with the blown vinyl paper (on the other wall). Would I use decorator's caulk to fill this in or a silicone filler? I did actually try holding the quadrant piece of wood up against the gap and it looks ok, but do people sometimes use a piece of this wood to fill a corner gap rather than a filler? If I decide to use some wood, would the normal emulsion paint (matt) that I have bought for the walls cover this wood, or would I have to use a gloss paint for it? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you.
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