.FLAC File

    i have a music track in .flac file and its like mp3 but it compresses music better so can anyone find me a player which plays it because wmp doesnt play it


    I have many FLAC files and personally use WINAMP found ]here

    More information can be found here: ]http//fl…tml

    I also use VLC found ]here that apart from supporting FLAC also handily plays flash movie (FLV) files.


    it compresses music better

    But aren't FLAC files huge compared to standard mp3s?

    My preference for FLAC files is Foobar2000 as mentioned before... please note that this is a lossless format so a 600MB audio CD rips down to only about 30MB (ish) you then have the choice of encoding it to a compressed format like MP3

    Personally I've ripped all my CD's to FLAC and then stuffed the disks into the loft. If I need to create other formats (like MP3 for my daughters iPod) then I can run a mass encoding script to create the files. It just gives you a electronic bases to encode to different compression methods as they come along without having to go through the pain of re ripping all your CD's


    Stormin Norm

    VLC is the way to go.
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