FlameCast - The hotukdeals Community Podcast: Episode 1 - Dan, Darren & Jason discussing the new Publication Rules

Posted 16th Dec 2022
Welcome to FlameCast - The hotukdeals Community Podcast

In our first episode, we'll be taking a deep dive into the brand new Publication Rules for the hotukdeals community and explaining why we felt the rules were long overdue a full review.

This first episode is hosted by @Dan (VP Operations), @Darren (Director of Community) and @Jason (Head of Community Engagement).

Our FlameCast episodes can be found at Acast via this link. Please follow the page for updates

We encourage our listeners to ask any questions they have about the Publication Rules or any other topic related to the hotukdeals community. If you have any ideas for guests for future episodes of FlameCast, don't hesitate to let us know right here in the comments.

We're always looking for new and interesting voices to join us on the podcast. If he will budge from his six digit appearance fee, maybe we can get the legendary @MrSwitch on the next episode!

Episode 1 BONUS CONTENT... behind the scenes in the podcast studio. Sadly Darren was taking the pic. Dan to the left on the pic and Jason to the right.

We aren't sure what was so funny but no doubt Darren will claim it was one of his jokes...


Publication Rules discussion

Our FlameCast home at Acast

You can find a full transcript of the podcast by clicking here
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    New rules. I like rules. I obey rules.
    Once upon a time, many, many years ago. In my first corporate job, my boss told me. Rules are for the guidance of the wise, and the following of fools!

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    Adding this as I literally just realised myself - you can also listen on Spotify (and other podcast apps, I think)

    Acast automatically publishes the files on Spotify, Apple, Deezer, Google and Amazon. There is a slight delay after the upload, though.
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    Managed to get it on Pocket Cast

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    EPISODE 1 - BONUS CONTENT (don't expect this every time!)... Dan (on the left) and I in the studio. Darren behind the camera 📸

    49065275-qEIjr.jpg (edited)
    Vodka and Lemonade each? Fancy!
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    I doubt anyone would be able to understand me, I talk jibberish half the time

    Also, you really couldn't afford me, I need to be paid in curly whurlies (edited)
    Come on mate it would be good to see you on the next one
    I'm sure someone on here can find a deal for a large quantity of curly whurlies. 🤞
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    Being deaf (there outed)
    not a fan
    Managed to get a transcript down and added to the thread You can find it by clicking here
    In future we'll be a bit more prepared and we'll add some additional notes to the transcript like the speaker etc. (edited)
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    I'd seen these were been done over mydealz and thought they were covering some interesting topics and was disappointed I don't speak German to listen to them.

    Great to see them arriving on HUKD's will have a listen later.
    Yep! They've done a cracking job with their episodes.

    We've got a fair few ideas for some of the next episodes (and two booked in to record) but if there is something specific you want us to cover or to hear from someone in particular, let me know and we'll get it arranged.
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    Interesting podcast but would be nice to see in future, questions and answers type.
    Really nice idea! I also like the idea of a Live Q&A with the users. Hopefully something we can do
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    Sounds cool, will have a listen when I get a min
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    Great listen

    Product episode soon?
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    Why did you call it flame cast. Shouldn't it be deal cast. Flame dears are sporadic? (edited)
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    Get me on it so I can tell u how HUKD helped me bag a PS5 on release date
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    You need a Camera, with a timer on it so we get to see Darren :))
    Honestly, you don't need to see Darren's face

    Jokes, he's a handsome fellow
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    Any clues would be appreciated.. As Google hasn't helped and HUKD is a lot of pages..
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