Flamedeer songs

Posted 30th Oct
I noticed a few amongst the different threads. I thought it would be nice to have them in one place. This is mine in the style of My Way:-

My Gold Deer

And now, the end is near,
And so I catch, my final flamedeer
I’ve tried, my very best
But still I can’t find that golden

I’ve clicked, on every link
I’ve browsed most every deal
But no, no pop up exists
That contains a gold deer

Silver and white, I’ve had a few
I say again, more than a few to mention
I’ve traded my spares away
And hoped that some would find redemption

I’ve spent a many hour
Just a hoping, that it would appear
But no, no joy again
There goes my gold deer.

Yes, there were times
I missed the click
When I refreshed, just as it popped up
And now I’m left with that awful thought

Was that a prize I’ve let go
But I moved on and faced the fact
That I will never know
If it was a gold deer

So now, as Halloween is nigh
I look at my lovely collection
To think I did all that
And people may say, I wasted my time
But oh no, not me,
There’s still the hoarder …. badge

For what is left, for me to say?
Excuse me a minute, I just caught another
Oh my, just my luck
It’s not a gold deer
Community Updates
Me thinks someone has too much time on their hands! However, it is really good. I wonder if it will bring those gold ones out of hiding?
That’s great I think we will all need to attend flamedeer anonymous soon
Awesome 👏
Top job, i like it
Love this & I hear ya lol, bn doing the hunt for yrs and never had a gold
My song, 1st verse.......

I don't like flamedeers
Not a bit.
There are rubbish
And very
10 years on the site. I play and abuse the site when the flame deer comp is on and never won a thing
To any tune you like

I don't care
Not a little bit
Hunt for Flamedeer?
No, I'm not a twit

All the newbies
Try, try, try
Can't find a golden
Cry, cry, cry
Simply red:

She’s turned me round
A new flamedeer has come
And nothing she can do
Can do me wrong…
There once was a man who got cold,
He wanted a coat but was told,
If he doesn't keep clicking,
The clock would be ticking,
And his flamedeers will never turn Gold!
Yes but my old deer
I’m still here
Still holding on for my gold dear
So many hours spent
Like you my friend
So tired and yet I still held on
With hope of finding it

But not just like you I found a few
White and silver deers
But nothing near
To the golden deer

So I guess I wallow now
The end is near as I still haven’t found my golden deer
With prizes gone to some other folk
People laughing at hours Iv spent
Now I’m the joke
But happy Halloween all you Flamedeer folk.
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