flamedeer were are you been surching day and night didnt catch you as i needead the lue



    take the lap everywhere I go because they disapear really quick when set loose

    this year very difficult to hunt

    i agree

    I don't look for them anymore just use HUKD normally,i agree that they are much harder to come by this year.

    can u tell me what this is as saw it last year and did not thank u

    Original Poster

    Yes verry hard and whot with white silver and gold to catch my doughters phone wz stolen friday then my oven blew up some luck would be nice

    Flamedeer where R U ?

    Perhaps one prize next year could be spelling lessons?

    The planet has no hope.

    Closing the page when I have things to do works for me ...

    Grammar nazis will be all over this.


    Grammar nazis will be all over this.

    Spoof question?

    Haha just caught one whilst reading this thread! A Silver one for a kindle fire HD 6. That's 4 in all I have now.

    Just caught one right now. Ho ho ho.


    Grammar nazis will be all over this.

    Waz gonna b thur mesel like but u bete me 2 it man!
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