Flash based MP3 player ADVICE PLEASE

    have seen the deals lately with the sony A818 and zen 16gb and basically want any advice on what people recommend,

    price £120 max
    small size
    at lease 8gb
    gapless playback (if poss)

    any deals, advice etc appreciated



    this is a good 8gb for nearly half your budget…htm

    I'm rather a fan of the current creative offerings, they're seriously pretty pieces of kit.

    8 gig players are a little thin on the ground at the moment, most flash based players go up to 4 gig.

    Looking at the argos one, I have concerns on the interface: I certainly wouldnt enjoy navigating 8 gigs worth of songs with those tiny little buttons.

    The biggest bargain I've seen is this:…623

    8 gig, a touchscreen which should be better than buttons, and £60

    Although I warn that I've had mixed experience with Sumvision players.... some have quite literally been drop proof, chair leg proof and even knock into sink-proof, another didnt survive a week in my pocket.

    Personally, I'd go with either a Sony, a Creative or an Apple branded player.
    All have their pros and cons but generally highly rated and well recommended.

    Note: If you're looking at old Sony players that require Sonic Stage software/you're on a mac, then I would avoid them. The newer Sony's are drag and drop so they're good to go.
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