Flash Help.

    Does anyone here know Adobe Flash?

    I have to create a file where when u click on a button the colour of the main thing changes.

    In this case its an ipod and when you select a colour, the colour of the ipod changes.

    However i cant do this! The background doesnt changes or anything even though i have them saved!?

    Any help?



    There are a few ways you can do this. To set this up, I would create multiple scenes each with the same content on, but different colours of the item as you want. Your button would then just change the scene and it would give the appearence of it changing colour.

    Failing that, you could you always put the different coloured items on seperate frames, then use your button to jump to each frame, so on frame 1 item + button (button has link to frame 5), frame five would have the next coloured item and button to frame 10. This way it allows you to quickly jump back an forthe as you need.

    If you know action scipt you could use the load & call funtions but unsure how much you know about flash and the two options above would be the easiest route imo.

    Hi vengod,

    I can help you

    depending on how well you can do flash will depend on if this answer will help, its quite simple and should work

    1. Make your buttons and place your ipod on the screen at frame one.
    2. Make a new blank key frame at frame 2 copy and paste the buttons over and put the next colour ipod on the screen.
    3. Make a new blank key frame at frame 3 and so on untill all the ipod colours are down
    4. Lets say you have a button to turn it red and the red ipod is on frame 2, use actionscript to get the button to simply look at frame 2 and the ipod will turn red.

    If this doesnt make sense maybe i can send you a example? (this is only one way of doing it, this can be done many different ways)

    hope it helps!!

    stilllife beat me to it!

    Original Poster

    I will try this when i get home...

    Will be trying around 3ish..

    Got a lecture to go to now...been trying to do this in the libray for over an hour!

    thanks guys and i will be in touch later


    Original Poster

    i hate flassh sooo much! I managed t do that thanks...but now im stuck on a different project...
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