flash my 360

    anyone in liverpool know how to flash 360's or know were to get it done


    if you do this does this stop you playing online thats what i was told

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    if you do this does this stop you playing online thats what i was told

    yeah there is a good chance you will be banned from playing on live, but im not much of an online gamer these days so doesnt bother me

    Thought about doing it yourself?

    i'm still going strong, flashed mine in november

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    Thought about doing it yourself?

    yeah then read a guide on how to do it and got confused halfway through it.

    plus dont u need a floppy drive and a certain sata card which i dont have

    Yeah, I saw a video before got me confused, didn't want to f up my console.

    Its very awkward as you also have to key in the drive security key on the new firmware. there are plenty of guides about but the chances are your console will get banned if used on line, even if you have it unplugged while playing copies it records the info and the next time you go online even with an origonal you could still get banned. Be carefull

    probably best to get it mod-chipped instead

    Benq - when i did mine you had to it in dos you needed a floppy drive and a VIA (i think) chipset sata card... hitachi (47dj, spits.. grrr) i did that in windows but it was very fussy with what media it played...

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    probably best to get it mod-chipped instead

    a mod chip does the same thing as flashing and just as much chance as getting banned

    ive had my 360 flashed for a year (iExtreme), im always on ban
    people who get banned are probably playing with cack copies that have not been stealth checked or not had the SS kreon checked... ive heard iExtreme flashed drives wont let you play a non stealth checked disc anyway so it protects you

    Flashing to iXtreme 1.4 (stealth mode) won't get you banned from live - I've been doing a load of research the last couple of days. Well at least not YET.

    You have to be sure all the games you play are 1:1 copies (stealthed) and therefore undetectable. MS currently determins the media by spin/read/etc times - this has been confirmed. DVDRs return a slightly different value than original discs.

    If you do it I've seen it recommended all over that you only play originals online and backups offline. Personally games I'm gonna spend hours of time online with I'm gonna buy anyway (GTA). People play online with stealthed backups though and are ok right now it seems, but that could change.

    Playing backups offline currently seems ok, but what's to say newer games or an MS update won't cache data to memory/hard drive and upload it once connected to Live at a later date? It's a risk you'll have to take if you mod a 360!

    This isn't like a flashcart in a DS here, there's lots more risk involved.

    I'll probably mod mine eventually after it arrives, but I'll have to get bored of GTA4 first.

    Edit: And Google 'Textbook.2008.pdf'
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