Flashing Nokia N900

Found 8th Apr 2010
Hi all. Had my Nokia N900 for about 2 weeks now. Wicked phone. I have added the extra's catologe and installed a few things. I installed some dodgy app which kept giving me some message about cant recieve txt, and ram is full or something along them lines. It kept poping up and annoed me, so i tried to uninstall it but could'nt. Kept getting "Unable To Install ********. So i reset my phone and all is back to start. But i want to flash it and get it to how i first got it. Im just wondering if anyone on here has experienced the same problems and got it fixed. I have downloaded the flasher app and the firmware and emmc files. Im using vista 64 bit and i think the problem is there. people say use xp but i dont have it installed. This is how it should go maemocentral.com/201…ate but mine doesnt do anything just gives me the commands like when you type help. Heres what mine looks like. img406.imageshack.us/i/n…jpg please tell me what im doing wrong.
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Dont worry about it sorted it out now.
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