Flat feet formal work shoes?

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Just wondering if anyone has a brand or a shoe that they could recommend for flat feet. I wear formal shoes to work however having to buy a new pair every 3-4 months. I'm on my feet all day, need a pair of formal wear shoes that will help my condition. Main area of pressure is the ball of the foot and the sides.
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Look for stability shoes or shoes for overpronators. That's usually the condition of people with flat feet.

Also use insoles for overpronation with arch support.
Try Clarks Flexlight. I have owned a few pairs over last 7 years or so and those are perfect for someone who stand on their feet all day.
A pair of sketchers plus an insole for flat feet

They are harder wearing than any other work shoe, except safety boots. I went through 5 pairs of normal smart shoes in 12 months. Bought 3 pairs of sketchers work shoes and I’m still on my first pair 8 months later and the sole still has some wear left in it yet, should make a year. Ironically as I purchased in the sale they were cheaper than each of the pairs of the other pairs of shoes I bought.
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Sketchers all the women I know wear
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