flat noise - terraced house - wooden floor - help please

Found 7th Jan 2009
A while back there was a thread about wooden floor which had been laid in a house which had been converted into flats. My neighbour lives in a terraced house that has been converted into 2 flats. The lounge in the upstairs flat is adjecent to their bedroom and noise travels through. They were partying till 2.30am on monday morning and this isnt a one off so any help and advice and a pointer towards that other thread would be useful
Many thanks
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Call the police and report them.
Install carpet :thumbsup:
as far our local council you are not allowed it above ground floor
I believe it's a Council issue rather than a Police one.

Contact your local Council re: noisy neighbours.

They may supply recording euipment to build up a case against them.

Good luck, been there, worse days of my life.
if its a council property anyone above ground floor is not aloud to have wooden/laminate flooring, i know this because i live on the second floor and i have it (um naughty naughty) but im a considerate neighbour

contact the council doubt they would be any goos though i tried reporting a noisey neighbour (played status quo morning noon and night LOUDLY) and they asked me to keep a diary of the incidents and they may be able to instore a recording device in my home got so fed up trying to keep tabs i just gave up doing what the council should be doing imho

good luck
i once had problems with noisy indians coming home at 3am in the morning then starting to cook and **** there must of been like 8 of them in a 1 bedroom flat..

i was so annoyed 1 night i went and banged on the door so hard the lock bust and the door flew open and i was stood there in mi pants and just started screaming at them lol

they didnt know what to do but they were quiet as mice after and whenever they saw me in the corridor they ran away.... lmao

know it doesnt help but thought it was worth a mention
wasnt any cowboys there as well was there, lol
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