Flat screen for PC

    Just been told that 'backlight inverter' has gone on monitor and that it would be cheaper to buy a new one that to have it repaired.

    Can anyone tell me where I should look for the cheapest replacement monitor.



    What size would you like?
    How much are you willing to pay?
    Have you any preferences?
    Waht do you use PC for?

    Please read the "deal request" guidelines and perhaps provide a little more info, and we might be able to come up with a deal

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    This would seem to do the job - its for playing games and basic office work. Priority is price. do a 17" monitor for £75. I bought one about a month ago, it could be made by any company. as thats default price. Mine's made by Hanns G and has a years warrenty with cex. Pretty good and does the job.

    Hello mate, I have a Samsung Syncmaster 15" if your interested. I am using it now as I prefer it to any other monitor I have ever had, and that includes all the 19" tft's. I will sell you this one and bring the 19" from upstairs. I dare not sell you that one as our lass is wanting to upgrade so this will benefit her.

    I am using it now and have done for the last year or so. Only problem is I think it is either 25 or 16ms response. But I have never had a problem, although I am not a heavy gamer. A couple of faint sun marks on the screen but nothing at all. (I have used this monitor for over a year and only just noticed them now as I put a pale blue then a white static wallpaper on to check for pixel loss and I could not find any, so those liittle marks do not show up in any normal use at all).

    Considering you are getting the scanner from me, how does £73 delivered for both sound? After all it is a genuine Samsung Syncmaster. (You would have to get your own VGA and power cable as I would be using these for the klds pc).

    Let me know mate.

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    Have pm'd you.…tml

    [COLOR="Red"]£99.99 del[/COLOR]

    Display size: 19"

    Response time: 8 ms

    Speakers: 1W x 2

    Just spotted this ]click cracking price for a Dell 17" £94.99 delivered.

    what about this one? it looks great!…302

    no no no, you want the widescreen HannsG one from Amazon for £109.99 delivered :giggle: :thumbsup:


    no no no, you want the widescreen ]HannsG one from Amazon for £109.99 … no no no, you want the widescreen ]HannsG one from Amazon for £109.99 delivered :giggle: :thumbsup:

    just read a really poor review of this on the Computer Shopper website ...or was it Computer Buyer...I'll see if I can locate it and post it.

    Hannsg HW191D [Computer Shopper] COMPANY: Hannsg PRICE: £112 inc. VAT RATING: 231 DATE: May 07] A widescreen monitor is ideal for watching movies, and modern games are all designed for widescreen resolutions. You don't necessarily have to spend a lot on one, either, as HannsG's HW191D and AG Neovo's K-A19 (reviewed right) budget 19in widescreen displays prove. At a little over £100 each, they're both incredibly cheap.
    The HW191Dfs stand is matt black, and the 19in screen is set in a brushed silver surround. It's a lot more stylish than the K-A19. The control buttons are discretely hidden down the side of the monitor. There are no dedicated controls for brightness and contrast, though, so you'll need to delve into the onscreen menu to make these adjustments.
    The monitor isn't height adjustable, although the screen elevation - the distance from the desk to the bottom of the screen - is higher than the K-A19fs, at 110mm. This height will be more comfortable for most people to use without having to resort to a monitor stand.
    Although it costs £20 less than the K-A19, you tec_300x250.gif] ]http//ad…782 [CENTER][FONT=Geneva,Arial,sans-serif][SIZE=1]ADVERTISEMENT[/SIZE][/FONT][/CENTER]

    get slightly more for your money. The HW191D has a DVI input as well as a VGA connector, and we ran our tests over both. As with the K-A19, the HW191D monitor has a native resolution of 1,440x900.
    The contrast ratio is a respectable 700:1; however, this is lower than K-A19fs 850:1. There was a noticeable difference when comparing the two screens. Photos with high levels of contrast didn't appear as detailed on the HW191D.
    The HW191D fared badly in a number of our other tests. Colours were oversaturated, with brighter hues looking unnatural and skin tones a little sallow. The screen illumination isn't perfectly even, and the screen is slightly darker around the edges when the screen is filled with a solid block of colour. Fortunately, it's not too distracting and shouldn't cause a big problem in normal use.
    The viewing angles, which are quoted as 135 vertical and 150 horizontal, are lower than those on the K-A19 and it shows. Step to the side of this display, and the picture looks darker and image quality deteriorates. It wouldn't be suitable for a viewing audience of more than one person.
    The HW191D has built-in stereo 2W speakers. As you'd expect, they're quiet and tinny, and no good for anything but Windows alert sounds. If you want better sound then you'll need to invest in a decent set of stereo speakers.
    The HW191Dfs price is amazing, especially considering that you get DVI and VGA inputs. That said, image quality didn't quite live up to our expectations, and we'd rather spend an extra £20 for AG Neovo's K-A19 and its superior picture.
    [RIGHT]By Lynley Oram[/RIGHT]

    Just to say that I bought one of the Daewoo monitors mentioned by bryntaylor99, and it looks good, nice fast response time, DVI and VGA input. No speakers (which was what I wanted).

    thanks for that currychops, its always good to read good and bad things about any products, especially for people to try and weigh up the +'s and -'s of something. I wouldn't say that was an exceptionally bad review as such, just indicating that its maybe not the best in the price range. Positive for the AG though, maybe the OP should look at that if he/she is considering a widescreen


    Just to say that I bought one of the Daewoo monitors mentioned by … Just to say that I bought one of the Daewoo monitors mentioned by bryntaylor99, and it looks good, nice fast response time, DVI and VGA input. No speakers (which was what I wanted).

    So you have had no problems with the monitor? its just that I am thinking of buying one, the expensive delivery is the only down side that i can see.
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