Flat Screen HD Ready TV

Found 28th Jun 2007
Whats the best deal at the moment or even just the best in the market at the moment
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Any. Preferably 28 / 32 inches

This is the one to go for at the … This is the one to go for at the moment...http://www.digitaldirectuk.com/products_moreinfo3/index.asp?product_id=13323

Spot on!

Or almost as good but cheaper: ]http//ww…710

The Panasonic LXD70's, LXD700's and Sony D3000's are by far and away the best TV's in that size range at the moment. Google some reviews and you'll quickly see just how good they are compared to the competition.
Just my 2p, but once you get a big screen you'll always want bigger, so go for a 42 straight off if you can fit one in. Also go plasma for a screen that size. The Panny 42" PX70 cna be had for £800 with wall mount or stand (less with dixons codes) and is a fantastic set. I looked around a lot before I bought my screen and I just didn't like LCD's at all. The plasma gives a much nicer standard def picture than the LCD's.
did u say u can get the panny px70 model for £800?!
where from and whats it like?
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