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Found 17th Jul 2007
Please excuse any errors this is my first posting.

Finally ready to give into the sorry fact that my bulky t.v. is no good. However am hopeless at new technology. Please can anyone advise me in laymans terms of what i need to look out for on the spec of a new flat screen. I am looking for deals on either a 32 or 36 inch - I think LCD preferably a known brand ie. SONY, JVC, SAMSUNG. Looking for Same brand Twin Tuner recordable 80gb freeview box (as video has given up the ghost). HELP

Please advise on how much these maybe and any deals you may know of. :thinking:
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You'll struggle to get a good, recent model TV without Freeview these days. Because analogue is being switched off fairly soon it makes no sense for the manufacturers to produce a TV without integrated Freeview.

At that sort of size you should be looking at LCD, the ]Sony D3000's are the TV's to beat at the moment although if they are a bit pricey for you the ]Panasonic LXD70's come in a close second.

The only Sony 80Gb Freeview box I know of is this one: ]http//ww…nre and I can't find any 80Gb Panasonic ones. Everything from those two seems to be 160Gb and often has built in DVD recording too.

Hope that helps
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