Flat Screen TV (LCD or Plasma)

Found 16th Nov 2006
I'm looking for a TV (LCD or Plasma) for around about £150 or less (may go a wee bit higher if a good deal). Firest of all, I don't know what the difference is between LCD and Plasma???
I know that I won't get too big a size for this price but it's for a bedroom.

Any help would be appreciated

All the best
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for £150 you could possibly get a fullscreen 15" LCD

20" WS LCD (most are HDTV) tend to be £200+
26" WS LCD HDTV are at least £250+ normally £300+
32" WS LCD HDTV fast falling below £400 for budget makes, £500+ for a brand name

32" Samsung HDTV in the bedroom fine here, although 20-26" would probably be more apt for most people.
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