Flatbed Scanner

    hi all, looking for a flatbed scanner, has to be stand-alone, not attached to a printer or anything (already got a good printer). looked on ebuyer which is my usual place, but the cheapest there is £44. not looking to spend more than about £25 on one. just wondered if anyones seen a good one out there?!


    i got one from aldi for £44, 9600 dpi and scans negatives and slides

    What Operating system are you using?

    If you are on Windows XP still I have a Genius Flatbed Scanner that you can have for free!

    Would cost about £8 quid to post

    I did manage to get it working on Windows vista, but I know it wont work on Windows 7

    If anyone has an older scanner they need to work on windows 7 but can't get drivers try here:

    It work with most scanners and you can try it for free
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