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    Hi guys,

    I still have one of them non HD big ass box tv's. im going to be getting a flatscreen within the next 2-3 weeks. Im fully aware of richer sounds 5 year guarantee warranty extension.

    My question is to those who have had one for years. do they usually go wrong 2-3-4 years down the line?

    Thanks for any help


    Not in my experience. I've had one Sammy LCD for over 6 years and it's never skipped a beat and the colours are as bright today as when I bought it!

    ive had my john lewis tv for 3 years now they offer 5 year guarantee to be honest doubt ill get any use of it but its nce to have

    after 5 years id be renewing a tv anyway just wouldnt like to be dong it b4 then

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    Thanks so far guys... but if anyone else could add how their tv's are doing it would give me a better overall idea of if an extended warranty would be needed. Thanks

    Don't forget that the 5 year warranty is returned or 50% (can't remember) if you do not use it at RS.

    We have our big Toshiba LCD for nearly 4 years now and had no problems at all.

    Depends on your experience with TVs as to whether you get an extended warranty or not.

    I don't mind dabbling, and as a result after buying a 42" Philips TV in May 2007, it started to go Pete Tong October 2009, yep just 2.5 years after buying it, screen was intermittently scrambling the image. However I took it apart myself and managed to troubleshoot it down to a faulty LVDS cable, being proprietary it still cost me £30 for a new one, however it would have cost at least that for a TV engineer to look at it.

    Since my repair, it has all been fine.

    Unless you are unfortunate to have a Plasma/LCD screen itself go faulty, then really these days with tvs its like fixing computers to a certain degree, just a box of different bits, found it had the LCD Screen, Inverter, Scaler Board, AV Board and power board, all connected by various cables....really if you know what has broke you can source the part to replace.

    However, I have also had a Samsung 32" bought in 2005 and that is still running 5 years later without a hiccup.

    At the end of the day like with any electronics, its a gamble whether you take out extended warranties, and I guess it all depends how confident you are with dabbling should such things go wrong..certainly if the screen itself packs in, you can kiss goodbye to a repair (too cost ineffective)

    John Lewis offer 5 years as standard with their TVs so thats always a consideration besides Richer Sounds.

    my parents have had their 55 inch sony for years and it's still going strong

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    Thanks Guys... All info gratefully received, rep left for all :thumbsup:


    My Nan has had a 26" Panasonic for about 5 years and it's still as good today as it ever has been! We have 2 32" at home that are reaching 2 and a half years each (one Sony and one LG) which again are also both absolutely fine.

    Personally I never buy into extended warranties, maybe one day something will break on me and I'll wish I'd bought one, but so far I've never had that problem and at the rate technology is upgrading/prices falling I know I'd be able to buy a much better spec TV for less than I paid for mine 2.5 years ago!

    Toshiba 8 years old finally failed two months ago.
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