flavel strata gas fire

    First time buying a fire, I know that I want flavel strata, I'm just after a good price, vary from£230 -£300, can anyone see any for under£200, what you think to 2nd hand?, or is it best to buy new, thankyou


    buy new as second had are sometimes not gas safe which is what happened to my next doors and they paid for fitting and removal losing £150 in all

    For the cost of this I don't think it's worth going second hand.

    Also ask if they will offer a discount, as a lot of sites do for first time buyers.

    as a gas engineer it would be hard to get some one to fit 2nd hand fires. it ain.t worth it. and they wouldn't issue a certificate

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    Cheers guys, is this something I can install myself?, won't be too hard, how much would it cost to get fitted?, thanks

    btw this is an ugly fire

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    Yes its ugly, but it works well lots of heat given off, that's all I need it for to be warm, not to look good, I have a nice looking fire now, most the heat goes out the chimney, its like a joke, it cost £5 aday to run and is ****..
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