Found 24th Oct 2016
Just wanted to know what the best flea drops to get for my dog and are there any good websites to try for best prices?

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I wouldn't recommend frontline as they've taken out the active ingredients.. I have cats and we use advantage. Pets at home do a monthly scheme where they send you 1 treatment each month.. think it's £4.50 for the dog treatment. Others with dogs may have better suggestions for you tho!

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Many thanks

Advantage from waitrose pet, or Advantix (covers ticks as well) but prescription only from vets.

Advantage has been best for me, Frontline no longer works.


Advantage has been best for me, Frontline no longer works.

​Same with the cat version.

we get a tablet off the vet, better than drops on the neck.
£7 per dog

We use effipro from our vets. Have used various products over the years but the vet prescribed stuff seems to be the best and doesn't affect my dog.

i used advantage from animeddirect online

We use Advocate on our dogs & have never had an issue.
Used to get it prescribed by the vet, but now get a prescription from the vet & order it online!

We use a tablet Bravecto from the Vet.


We use a tablet Bravecto from the Vet.

​same here, works really well and lasts three weeks, better than trying to get drops onto the skin, we have a malamute and a collie and both happily take it.

Advocate, the vets recommended it. Use it on our dogs and cats. Never had fleas in the house and we've got fields at the back of us that the cats are in all day and the dogs go through on their walks

When we bought our dog, (from an international show judge for the breed,) she said all she ever uses is brewers yeast.

We have had our dog for seven years. He has it in tablet form every day, and we have never had an issue.

You need to let it build up though, so if you want to try it, use normal treatment this time, and also immediately start brewers yeast tablets.

Do your own research to see if you think it may be suitable.
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