Has anyone else got ripped off/tricked by someone on eBay?

    1: My first is by far the most annoying. I bought Wild Arms 2 from a seller in America, thinking it was the real deal since the picture was pretty dark but showing the front of the cover. The details weren't very detailed, so I emailed the seller and asked if it was the official game, him replying with something like "What you see in the picture is what you get". I ordered it against my better judgement since he had good feedback.

    It arrived a few weeks later in a black amaray DVD case (explaining why the background of the picture was dark) and the PS1 cover stuck in it. Worse was to follow when I opened it up to find the two games were ex-rental copies, complete with writing on the front of them and 1000 scratches each. My anger worsened (at both myself and the seller) when I found that the 2nd disc kept freezing at certain stages, taking MANY restarts to get past.

    2: Being the Suiko II fan I am, I wanted to the import the rather rare Suikoden III. VG+ didn't have it; none of the usual game import sites did. I went onto to eBay and got a used copy for around £20-30.

    It arrived with a photocopied cover and no manual. To add to my joy, VG+ found a huge amount of new stock a month or so after this, selling for £30 each.

    I've also done a few silly things and been a little unlucky - Purchasing an ex-rental copy of Legend of Legaia for £20 when I was new to buying online being the most stupid. I was also stupid enough to put disc cleaning stuff on the back of my £60 Suikoden I disc in order to try to fix a fault where the music randomly stopped, resulting in leaving lots of (non-damaging) cleaning marks, without managing to fix the fault.

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