fleabay buy it now fee is nearly 10%

    just had an email from fleabay withe their new fees, apart from the cost of listing if it sells for up to £49.99 they now take 9.9%.
    are there any other good auction sites that anyone knows of.?


    if u listing an item for buy it now avoid items for under 49.99 and use 50 + that way % is cheaper , still not great but it will save a little

    I reckon eBid should advertise mroe about there fees being cheap. I bet people will go over to ebid than ebay???

    they just need to boast etc then ebay will be c*ap :-D

    This price is ridiculous.
    The recent changes to eBay are just going to drive the smaller sellers away.
    eBay is turning into a far-east-sellers and business-sellers market. I am starting to dislike it more and more.

    at the end of the day buyers will stick to ebay, why would buyers move to ebid when theres alot more on ebay, yes i agree without the sellers they are nothing, ebay can do what they want as theres not much of a rival to them hence the price hikes, if they had a rival they would never increase their prices, just a shame ebid isnt really welll known like ebay, maybe in time it will get its fair share of users then maybe ebay will have to rethink its prices to compete if that will ever happen with ebid. its a farce what ebay have done, with prices, feedback etc i dont blame people moving, end of day all ebay is intrested in is money and until some rival comes along they wont change a thing.
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