Fleas in my carpet! Help!

Found 25th Jun 2008
Help! I have just bought a new flat and it seems that the previous owners had a cat as I have flea bites! Can anyone suggest a good flea treatment for carpets?!
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ring your local councils pest control , i think its the best option as they will kill the little blighters properly !
Hoover often as that gets rid.......and if you haven't got pets or kids you can also use any form of insecticide to kill them.
Flea bombs are pretty good....make sure you have no pets in the flat...set the bomb off..leave the flat for a couple of hours..Come back and every living thing will be dead
Get Acclaim flea treatment,it costs about £13 from the vets and gets rid of them and any other bugs and lasts about a year on your carpets,my sister also used it for ants she could not get rid off and it worked great
:?ohhh your making me itch ,dident no they could live in carpets its true you learn something every day:)gl with it xx
I'm afraid most councils will not do anything unless its their property or its rats so the bombs are the best and you can also get sprays for carpets at the pet stores but they are expensive.
i say get some new carpets in....dont want any disease lol
Our dog had fleas a couple of year ago and we got a flee fogger, (sounds like the bomb) its a canister you set off in a room and it de-fleas the whole room. Got rid out ours no prob. We got it from pets at home it was about £10 and it was the Bob Martin brand. Gook luck
Skoosh is supposed to be good. Don't hoover too much as the vibrations will make the eggs hatch - which means more fleas!!!

^^^^just noticed jellybaby got in there before me with the Skoosh!^^^^^
steam cleaner
Maybe contact a carpet cleaning company they may have a treatment it kill them and clean
Carpet fleas are not always the same ones that live on animals. If the flat had been left dirty since or even during the previous occupier then there is a chance that the fleas will live in the carpet fibres and not just on top. The only completely true way to get rid of them is to remove the carpet.

The smoke bombs may be very good indeed but the fleas might be living on the bottom of the carpet, in the floorboard grooves, and also on the underside of the floorboards.

Ive renovated a few houses where this has occured and it a pain in the ***. And what the Sheriff said about hoovers, the bagless ones just send the eggs right back out into the air again, and yes, over you as well!

Good luck!
thanks guys, the missus got some spray, see how that works. Will try skoosh if no good, failing that the carpets will be up!

When i Frontlined my two cats the fleas decided to go and live in the carpets,bedroom especially.I only had to put a foot out of bed in the morning and they jumped straight on.Nasty little boogers.
I tried three different branded foggers/smokebombs,Bob Martin etc..All useless.Tried powder and sprays,just the same.No getting rid.
Just for some peace,we started to fill a bowl of warm water and place it on the floor with a desk lamp angled over it.The fleas jump straight in it.They are not too bright.
After a few of days they all just disappeared (or left :?).
It was pretty much a nightmare and if i ever got them again,would definitely pay for some gear from the vets.The stuff you get in the shops don't do a thing.
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