Fleetwood market

    Is it big? Good for a bargain? worth going?


    If you like the smell of fish?

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    If you like the smell of fish?! Is it good for a wander ? anything else in the surrounding area, and many sta,lls?

    Farmer Parr's for the kids is good....

    Freeport at Fleetwood are ok if you like rummaging!

    Tbh i haven't been in years.... Last time i went it wasn't any different from any other market.
    Yes there is freeport, its ok for clothes, mainly walking clothes i-e, Regatta and Tresspass. Also there is a next clearance however it seems to stock mainly the cheaper Next range now rather than reduced proper nect stuff. Theres is a Big M, b&ms and Asda, also Fleetwood town shooping havent been there for a while though either.

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    Farmer Parr's for the kids is good....

    Yep it does Will give that a blast. :-D
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