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    Hi could someone please help me who knows how flexible hours work.I work nights myself so start at 10pm and the missus is a mobile carer who works 4.15pm till 9.45pm.At the moment i just about make it to work on time, however they have just put extra calls for her the last couple of weeks and she is not getting back till touching and i am struggling to keep getting a baby sitter at that time as you can imagine.They said these new hours are perminent and she has to make up her mind what she wants to do, she has worked there 3 years with 100% attendance.I was browsing a goverment site just and noticed a new law stating flexible hours must be given if children are involved.The thing is i dont want her shouting the odds if i have not got my facts straight.Sorry for the long story but as you can appreciate its having a big impact on our lives.Does anybody know anything of this new law.Thanks


    yeah my job is starting this too started 1st april, now i have to be at work half a hour before and half a hour after, which now messes up my childcare!
    my job used to fit in around the kids perfect without having to rely on anyone to drop off/pick up kids from school.
    now im having to pay for breakfast club/after school clubs wich arent cheap!!!


    Do you have a contract of employment? Or an office manual or some kind?

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    This is what it says, has this law started today?

    Anyone can ask their employer for flexible work arrangements, but the law provides some employees with the statutory right to request a flexible working pattern.
    If you are an employee (but not an agency worker or in the armed forces) and you have worked for your employer for 26 weeks' continuously before applying, you have the statutory right to ask if you:
    [*]have a child aged 16 or under (from 6 April 2009) or a disabled child under 18 who receives Disability Living Allowance (DLA)[/LIST]

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    The actual contract i think says till 10pm but she always finished at 9.45 because a call averages 30mins but now like i said they have decided to change this but no new contract has been signed as yet


    I was looking into this today too

    I don't know what happens to the employer who doesn't take the request seriously :thinking:…491
    "Under the law your employer must seriously consider any application you make, and only reject it if there are good business reasons for doing so. You have the right to ask for flexible working - not the right to have it."

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    I suppose she will have to put a request in and hope for the best

    This might help…68/

    I have a load of information on it somewhere. I'll take a look for you.

    can imagine you have difficulties at that hours finding childcare. Do you use a childminder or babysitters?

    There is a babysitting site called "sitters" online. The website is

    I dont know what area you are in but if they are available in your area, it might be a help.

    Hope this helps.

    Oh dear...... that bloody company!!!! HEHE!!
    What she wants to do???? She wants to work her normal hours lol, AARRRGGHHH!!!! Oh the joys. Can't you change your hours??? Although would be good to put that company straight.
    Hope you get it sorted.
    Hoping you and the family are well

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    sorry had to pop out for a while thanks for the help and the kind replys
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