Can anyone advise me of first hand experience of booking flights with the likes of and returning with Ryanair. Are there obvious problems or pitfalls which come with booking flights in this way?

    I can get very cheap outbound flights to different destinations with Jet2 to various destinations, but there are bargains to be had when booking return flights with different airlines.

    All advice will be very welcome.



    Shouldnt be. Book one out and another back. Simple.

    I've done it with no problems, went out with EasyJet form Gatwick and came back with ThomsonFly to Bournemouth, just remember to allow for the different baggage allowances etc

    Very easy to do. We do it all the time. If you book the return with Ryanair their fares are in Euros rather than Sterling but stay the same amount, eg if fare was £20 sterling it will be 20 Euros so depending on exchange rate at time of booking and your method of payment can work out even cheaper - we have a Prepaid Mastercard in Euros that we use whenever abroad for shops, restaurants etc as it's better than exchanging all the time. It also means we can book Ryanair return flights using this card and not get charged any silly fees.

    I have done it a few times... just make sure you check in online to both and print them boarding cards..

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