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Found 31st Jul 2018

Sorry it may be a bit daft question but recently i had a floght cancelled 3 hours before take off (guess th carrier). Due to medical appointments i had to make alternative travel arrangement which costed me around £650 for two ppl. I have company travel insurance which probably covers this but just want to make sure this is all i can do.

Is it legal to claim from insurance and then use one of the claim professionals separately?

I presume the company insurance will claim from the carrier and it will be double claim if i also use a claim professional right?

Another one: it s not possible to make claim for the inconvenience, is it? I mean all the hassle, shouting, fighting, stress

Thanks in advance
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No unless the insurer declines the claim
Yes and you will have told the claims firm in the contract that you have not done so and therefore fraudulent
Not for stress.
all you need is here, if you meet the criteria use their resolver service, easy to do.

You can only claimlosses that you actually incur. If your insurance pays you, then the loss now belongs to them and you cannot claim the same amount again as you no longer have that loss.

if you want to claim for stress, then you will need medical evidence to show that you sustained a genuine psychological injury from the incident.
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Many thanks for both responses.
Look at your insurance claims procedure and just follow what it says.
Most say you have to contact them in the first instance for them to sort it out for you. As in you just don't just arrange stuff yourself and expect cover.
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