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Found 30th Aug 2016
Last week my flight with easyjet from Basel to Manchester was cancelled. This resulted in me using a different route to get to Manchester and loosing a day at work.

Their reason for cancellation was due to a build up of slot delays throughout the day, caused by air traffic control restrictions. As a result the crew have now operated their maximum amount of legal hours, and we unfortunately have to available replacement crew for your flight.

My question is this the airlines fault and whether Im entitled to compensation.
Many thanks in advance



yes you are, it's on supermarkets.com

called flight delay something

No idea how good they are but here is something I found on google.
Good luck. Better to go direct as you get to keep the compensation. good luck

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Everything you need to know here moneysavingexpert.com/tra…ays

They didn't have sufficient crew so it could be argued it's their fault so you're entitled to compensation, nothing to lose by trying.

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Thanks everyone for your replies. I'll read through them all once I get home

I had a flight cancelled earlier this year due to no crew being available and I successfully claimed compensation for this.

EU261 compensation is what you're looking for and easyjet have a form which you need to fill in (it's the only way you can submit a claim) - link doesn't work when I paste it so just google "easyjet EU261"

Anything classed as an extraordinary circumstance will result in your claim not being valid. It depends exactly what reason they gave at the time of cancelling the flight - no crew available is certainly a valid claim however a quick search suggests that air traffic control strikes etc could be classed as an extraordinary event.

You've got nothing to lose by submitting a claim so get a claim in and see what they say.
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