Flight cancellation compensation

    Anyone had any experience with or luck at claiming comp. for a cancelled flight?

    My flight was cancelled last mon, ended up 7 hours late at our destination having been diverted via amsterdam on a different flight. Internet thingumy pointed me to european commission directive 261/2004 which says if over 4 hours late comp should be paid (with exceptions of course) but Travel agent shruggs shoulders and says claim on travel insurance and need to be delayed 12 hours or more so tough.

    other flights were going out whilst we were cancelled, so weather despite being the excuse isnt the reason for the cancellation.

    Ideas how to go forward with this. It was air france I was flying with.

    Thanks in advance.


    delay of 4 hour is the airline have to provide food and drink, its 12 hours for your insurance to kick in and then its only £20 for the firt 12 hours and £10 each 12 hours after - that was my experience

    Original Poster

    The food and drink thing wasnt a problem, we were out the airport before we had the chance to get anything anyway. (proving that the weather wasnt such a problem) My insurance wont pay out, its where the 12 hour bit comes in, but there is an EU regulation regarding passengers rights. In it depending on the distance and when you were told of the cancellation, you are entitled to compensation if your flight is 2 / 4 / 6 hours late. In my case it is the 4 one that applies. Google "261/2004" and it will bring up the regs. I think Ill have to try and deal with it myself though. Travel agent is less than interested. Shame really - its the co-op and Ive only had good dealings with them up till now.

    I had a british airways long distance flight delayed 6 hrs ( due to someone needing to give birth! ) they gave each passenger £7.50 in airport meal vouchers.
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